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Brazilian Blowdry

Brazilian Blowdry Services

ONIX Original Therapy

ONIX’s original smoothing, straightening and strengthening keratin treatment. Repeating the treatment every few months, will improve the quality of hair and in time will be noticeably healthier. This therapy has natural substances, which gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state – frizz is reduced by up to 80% from the first application. Humidity, rain and perspiration will no longer have a drastic affect on the hairstyle.

ONIX Super Sleek Therapy

A double application of the ONIX original therapy will leave the hair in most cases perfectly straightened and in an amazing healthy condition. With the blend of rich natural ingredients, protein and vitamins, the double application of ONIX BKT will nourish the hair leaving it smoother and silkier with a long lasting straightening result. Hair types: Onix Brazilian Keratin treatment can be used on any hair type including damaged /sun, bleach etc/, and afro Caribbean hair.

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